Abah, I many committed many sins, may I still study the thoriqoh?’ ‘People who study here are especially those who have committed many sins. If they would already be pure, what good would it do for them to study and practice these teachings (thoriqoh). One of the rules before anyone can take the talqin dzikr is that he has to have committed many sins. It is like this, you study here and then recite (dzikr) so that we have the tools and the experts to purity you. This is the practice for purifying the soul and the place for those who love the pureness of their souls’ (Al-Kholish, 2, 2017: 55

–Hadrotusyeikh Guru Suci Abah Aos Ra Qs–

Best Wishes, al-Khoolish

Abah, saya mah banyak dosa, apa boleh saya belajar thoriqoh? Yang belajar ini ke sini mah, bageur, khusus orang yang banyak dosanya. Kalau sudah bersih mah ngapain belajar dan mengamalkan ajaran ini (thoriqoh). Syarat Talqin Dzikir ini mah justru harus banyak dosa dulu… Demikian, belajar ke sini lalu mengamalkan (Dzikir) ini agar kita punya alat bersih-bersih dan pandai bersih-bersih (diri). Inilah amalan untuk kesucian jiwa dan tempat para pecinta kesucian jiwa.

–Hadrotusyeikh Guru Suci Abah Aos Ra Qs–

Salam, al- Khoolish


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