Always remember ALLOH to always be remembered by ALLOH

dzaky fatih
dzaky fatih
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If you want to be ‘madzkur-Alloh’ [a person who is always remembered by Allah] then he must be ‘Dzaakir-Alloh’ (a persom who always remembers Allah) first. Between ‘Fadzkuruni’ (remember you all to Me) and ‘Adzkurkum’ ( I remember you all, there really is no pause. Where do we remember ALLOH, then ALLOH will remember us. Keep remembering ALLOH, then ALLOH will keep remember us. So we always together with ALLOH.

–Hadrotusyeikh Dzaakir wal Madzkur-ALLOH Abah Aos Ra Qs–

Greetings, al-Khoolish

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