Iman and the Kalimah Iman

dzaky fatih
dzaky fatih
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The Kalimah IMAN: LAA ILAAHA ILLALLOH. IMAN is kept (by the exalted Guru through the talqin) in the emotional heart. Practice the (dzikr) Kalimah Iman and the Dzikr Iman in harmony for a harmonious life. When acknowledging to believe, our movements and behavior (has to) reflect that of a person who believes. Having faith does not only mean the acknowledgement of having faith with the mouth but has to leave its mark in our daily attitude towards our family, neighbors, surroundings, and it is (always) noticeable in harmony, concord, and love, help and causing harmony […] prove your faith with having a lofty demeanor towards fellow men, in in harmony, concord, and love, help and causing harmony. (Al-Kholish, 2, 2017: 86)
-A Great Sufi Master Syeikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra Qs-

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