Dzikir Make You Know Right and Wrong

dzaky fatih
dzaky fatih
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Abah, I have practiced Dhikr and others, but why do I still like to make a lot of mistakes and still like to do immorality. Thats good, now it knows wrong and knows right; So you know who you are and know obediently … Know when you make mistakes and know when you are doing right; know you’re doing evil and when you are obedient. We will not know it right if it is not wrong first … Two Dhikr that have been implanted and we are practicing truly, in addition to cleansing (all sins), will also stop and protect us from sinning (back). The more and more the Dhikr, the better and the faster it feels.

–Hadrotusyeikh ‘Ainul Waro Abah Aos Ra Qs–

Greetings, al-Kholish

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