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The Fruit of the Dzikir

The pleasure of the fruit of DZIKRULLOH not because others say that but because you experience it yourself. But it has to be tasted and experienced by itself [haqqul yaqin wa akmalul yaqin]. Moreover, this feeling has to be visible and to be felt (nikmat/enak) by others. Do not like your own pleasure. In other words, what we do every day has to be felt as a pleasure by our families, colleagues, and our surroundings (Al-Kholish, 1, 2017: 37).
-A Great Sufi Master Syeikh Muhammad Abdul Gaos Saefulloh Maslul Ra Qs-

Best wishes, al-Khoolish

Nikmatnya buah DZIKRULLOH itu jangan katanya, kata orang lain. Tapi harus tercicipi, terasa, dan teralami sendiri [haqqul yaqin wa akmalul yaqin]. Bahkan, rasa tersebut harus terlihat dan terasa (nikmat/enak) oleh orang lain. Jangan suka nikmat/enak sendiri. Tutur kata, laku hidup kita sehari-hari, harus terasa nikmat/enak oleh keluarga, kolega, dan lingkungan sekitar kita.”

–Hadrotusyeikh Insan Kamil Abah Aos Ra Qs–

Salam, al-Kholish




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